Hoxton Street Monster

The capital city is full of surprises, but we never thought we’d discover a shop that sells Fang Floss and tins of Mortal Terror. In this interview, we chat to a lovely manager about an extremely unique business that helps children to release their creativity. Well worth paying a visit the next time you book a journey to London.



Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Emily Murdock, Retail Manager of Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, employed by the creative writing charity for children Ministry of Stories. All proceeds from sales of our monster supplies go to the charity to support their workshops and clubs, keeping them free for children.


How long has the business been running?

We opened to monsters in 1818, but to humans and monsters in 2010, when an unfortunate curse meant we were required to hand over all profits to the new charity that opened that same year behind our secret door in the shop.


Where can people find you?

159 Hoxton Street in London. The closest Tube station is Old Street (10-15 minutes’ walk) and the nearest overground is Hoxton (5 minutes’ walk).


What was the original motivation behind the business opening, and in this location?

To supply the monsters of London with their everyday grocery, pharmaceutical and household needs. In 1818 Hoxton had the largest population of monsters, so that's why we settled here, plus this is where Igor, our founder, landed when he moved here from Bavaria. There's another story there though, which is that we were opened alongside our charity not only to raise funds and draw attention to the work that we do, but also to inspire children's imaginations – the shop, which the children pass through on their way to their workshop or club, supplies an immediate sense that we are a group of adults who take imagination very seriously!


What do you offer customers?

Thickest Human Snot, Cubed Earwax (delicious snacks), a range of Tinned Fear for when a monster has lost her mojo a bit, jars of Daylight for vampires suffering seasonal affective disorder, Zombie mints to help the undead with their bad breath after a night of gorging, etc. We also sell work by the children who attend the Ministry of Stories writing clubs.


What makes your business unique?

If our invisible cat Wells is in the shop the day you come, he's lovely to meet. If you're human, there's always a degree of risk involved in shopping with us, so you may end up having a memorable monster-related experience you'd rather not have (which we can't be held responsible for, obviously).


Do you hold any events?

We have regular support groups for werewolves, and host a local witches group who are challenging the wage disparity between what they're paid for spells versus what warlocks are paid. Local children, of course, can also come along to the writing clubs hosted by the Ministry.


What's your most popular product at the moment?

Werewolf Biscuits – guaranteed silver-free.


Can people follow you on social media?

Yes, you can find us at facebook.com/ministryofstories and @MonsterSupplies.