Travelling by train can be a memorable experience for the whole family. As well as an inexpensive way to get to your summer holiday destination, it is a more environmentally friendly alternative to flying or driving. Perfect for young families, train travel offers the opportunity for little ones to stretch their legs during the journey, and parents can keep their luggage close by in case of any mishaps. Furthermore, all Hull Trains coaches provide excellent toilet facilities, and a range of food is also available on board, making them an ideal choice for parents with toddlers. We've rounded up our best tips and tricks for a smooth train ride with youngsters this summer.

Plan ahead and be prepared

Booking tickets in advance will help you to save money and stay organised when it comes to your holiday or day trip. Table seats are great for young families as they ensure you can all enjoy the journey together, providing a great base for activities and snack breaks.

Knowing where you need to be and at what time is so important when travelling by train and even more important with little ones in tow. To aid this, passenger information screens are installed on all of our carriages, meaning parents can access real time, up-to-the-minute details about any changes to schedules or platforms.

It might also be a good idea to pack a separate carry-on bag. Although luggage can be stored relatively near to your seats, larger suitcases may be hard to reach once everyone has boarded the vehicle and the train is in motion. We suggest packing a few smaller sized bags, equipped with any essentials you may need such as toys, baby wipes or refreshments.

Entertaining them

Our trains from Hull to London offer a smooth and short ride; however, we realise that kids may need a little bit of entertainment along the way. Take along some colouring books and crayons to keep them quiet or involve the whole family with a game of cards or travel-sized Monopoly. Even better, be sure to make the most of the scenic route by playing a game of I Spy.

Meanwhile, take along a portable DVD player or iPad with headphones to entertain them for a couple of hours. All of our carriages have free 4G Wi-Fi available for the entirety of your journey, so kids and grownups can browse the internet, stream videos and play online games to their heart's content.

Grab a snack

Fuel up for the day with some hot or cold sandwiches and other light bites from our on-board café bar located on Coach B. Snacks are often the answer when it comes to boredom-busting, so why not treat them to a packet of Mini Cheddars, tasty flapjack or piece of fruit. In the meantime, the grown-ups can indulge in a refreshing glass of wine or a beer “ an excellent start to any holiday!

Stay safe

Here at Hull Trains we ensure that your journey will be extremely safe, even more so now that we've installed CCTV cameras on all carriages. However, as with any form of travel, it is important to keep youngsters safe from any dangers. Stations can get busy so be sure to keep them at your side at all times; it may be worth taking along a lightweight stroller or pair of reins for curious little adventurers who are likely to run off and explore.

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Author: sobananapenguin

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