See in advance where you can locate your seat, keep your luggage, store your bike and find on board facilities so you can plan ahead and have a stress-free journey. Find our Paragon seating plan and other useful information on this page.

To help manage social distancing on board, we’ve reduced the seating capacity on our trains. When making an Advance ticket booking, you will be allocated a counted place (which effectively shows us how many people are prebooked on our service so we can manage numbers travelling) but you will not be given a specific seat reservation (carriage and seat number). Please follow the traffic light system on board where we have clearly marked out which seats you can sit in that are socially distanced. Click here to view our updated seating plan. Please follow these guidelines:

• Green tickets - sit at a window seat only, one person per row
• Yellow tickets - household groups of 2-4 can sit in the seats
• Red tickets - should not be sat in to maintain social distancing
• Please respect social distancing to help your fellow passengers and our staff

Please note, you can find First Class in coach E with our First and Standard Class composite carriage in coach D.

Hull Trains Paragon Fleet First Class Standard Class Total Social Distanced Capacity
Number of seats 43 284  228
Width of seats 49cm 46cm  -
Seat pitch / legroom  101cm 81cm  -
Seat recline  9cm N/A  -

Seating Plan

View our socially distanced seating plan, click the link below to download.

Locate everything from toilet facilities to First Class and bicycle racks with our handy Paragon carriage guide.

Download seating plan

Reserving a Seat

We are allocating "counted places" instead of specific seat reservations. When boarding, please sit in the green seats if travelling alone or the yellow seats if travelling within a household group of 2-4.

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Paragon Seating FAQs
When you book an Advance train ticket on the Hull Trains website or app, a seat reservation will be included by default and you can normally select a preference, where available. Open flexible ticket don’t automatically come with a seat reservation or counted place, so whilst we are operating the counted place system you will need to request one at the time of booking via the website or app, by calling our Telesales team on 0345 071 0222 or by visiting a staffed station ticket office.
If you require priority seating or a wheelchair user space, these can be reserved by calling our Passenger Assist team on 0800 316 1323. These seats are reservable for customers with a legitimate claim to use them and are designed to be easily accessible. You can find more information about our Passenger Assist service here.
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