Our timetable is now fully operated by our Paragon fleet. See in advance where you can locate your seat, keep your luggage, store your bike and find on board facilities so you can plan ahead and have a stress-free journey. Find our Paragon seating plan and other useful information on this page.

Please note, you can find First Class in coach E with our First and Standard Class composite carriage in coach D. Standard unreserved seats can be found throughout the train in coaches A, C and D. Unreserved seats are limited so we recommend you book a seat reservation in advance.

Hull Trains Paragon Fleet First Class Standard Class
Number of seats 43 284
Width of seats 49cm 46cm
Seat pitch / legroom  101cm 81cm
Seat recline  9cm N/A

Seating Plan

To view a detailed seating plan of our Paragon Class 802 fleet, click the link below to download.

Locate everything from priority seating and toilet facilities, to First Class and bicycle racks with our handy Paragon carriage guide.

Download the seating plan

Reserving a Seat

Advance tickets include a seat reservation, but open tickets do not due to their flexibility.

You can request a seat at the time of booking, by calling our Telesales team or at any manned station ticket office.

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Paragon Seating FAQs

When you book an Advance train ticket on the Hull Trains website or app, a seat reservation will be included by default and you can normally select a preference, where available. Open flexible tickets don’t automatically come with a seat reservation, but you can request one at the time of booking via the website or app, by calling our Telesales team on 03450 710 222 or visiting a manned station ticket office.
If you require priority seating or a wheelchair user space, these can be reserved by calling our Assisted Travel team on 0800 022 3720. These seats are reservable for customers with a legitimate claim to use them and are designed to be easily accessible. You can find more information about our Passenger Assist service here.
As a long-distance operator, we aim to provide a seat to all passengers. During occasional times of disruption, services may become very busy as other passengers make use of any available service along with customers who travel with open, flexible tickets.

You will only be entitled to a seat on your train if you have made a seat reservation in advance. Advance tickets include reserved seats by default. If you have not made a seat reservation we are unable to guarantee that there will be a seat available on your journey, or during exceptionally busy periods, that you will be able to travel on the train of your choice. You are not entitled to receive compensation if you have to stand or are unable to join the train in these circumstances.
You may board a Hull Trains service without a seat reservation as we offer a limited number of unreserved seats throughout our trains. During busy periods, including weekends and engineering works, a seat reservation is strongly recommended and may be compulsory. If you do not have a seat reservation, we may not always be able to provide you with a seat. At particularly busy periods you may not be able to travel on the service of your choice if you do not have a seat reservation.


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