London Bridge has a rich and fascinating heritage. You can experience this history first hand through an immersive and theatrical tour.

The first ever London Bridge was erected around 53AD. Its intended purpose was a military-style pontoon bridge.

Just a few years later, both Londinium and the nridge were destroyed by the strong rebel army led by Queen Boudica. Visitors on the London Bridge tour can actually meet Queen B herself, along with the Iceni tribe as they take on the enormous Roman army.

A new city was later built to the east of the original site. Since then, the iconic bridge has been taken down and reconstructed several times.

In 100AD, the bridge connected the South Works (now known as Southwark) and Londinium. In 1014, Norse King Olav pulled down the wooden structure to defeat Danish invaders. The first stone bridge was built in 1190 - it would stand for an impressive 622 years.

During this time, the bridge looked very different to the concrete and steel structure that stands today. It was 26 feet wide, supported by 19 arche, with a drawbridge to allow for the passage of large ships.

Surprisingly, it also had a considerable number of shops. These plots were rented out to fund the extortionate maintenance of the bridge. In 1358, it was crowded with 138 shops, and by the Tudor era there were over 200 traders on the bridge.

This was, of course, a huge fire hazard. But London Bridge survived many fires, most notably those in 1215, 1633 and 1666. Guides will talk you through the massive and tragic impact of The Great Fire and you can see how our capital rose up out of the ashes.

On the tour, you will also hear about London's dark and gruesome past. In fact, many famous faces have been displayed on the bridge, including William Wallace in 1305. The heads of traitors would be stuck on spikes for all to see. Many skulls have been found with holes in during excavations of the site.

You will also see many other well-known English characters during the tour, including the notorious killer Jack the Ripper and Victorian bodysnatcher Ben Crouch.

If it's a terrifying thrill you're after, head down to London Tombs, which are located beneath London Bridge. This crypt has a dark past, involving hundreds of bodies of plague victims. Experts will take you around the spooky catacombs as you meet and greet some horrifying personalities and face some of your deepest fears.

Or if you're bringing little ones along, opt for the more suitable Guardian Angel tour. This is for young children who want to uncover the intriguing secrets of the tombs, but don't want to be scared silly.

For further information and to purchase tickets, please visit The London Bridge Experience website.

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