Terence Cuneo's work is to be showcased at the Brynmor Jones Library on the University of Hull Campus.

Terence was born in London in 1907 and witnessed the many changes to Britain throughout the whole of the twentieth century. The fascinating collection at the library focuses on his stunning portrayal of power through iconic images of British industry, royalty and manufacturing.

We spoke with Marianne Lewsley-Stier, Head of Culture Campus, to find out more about this incredible exhibition.

What can we expect to see at Painting Power?

Visitors can see some of the wonderful paintings by Terence Cuneo, as well as some of the posters he created during the Second World War for the Ministry of Information. You also get to view several Royal paintings. Terence was the official artist for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

We have split the exhibition into three different areas. One looks at painting power and the steam train, another at power in regards to conflict, and finally the benign power of the government. This is the first time that this extensive collection has been brought together under one exhibition.

Why is Cuneo's work so prominent?

Well, I think he really appeals to the general public. People can relate to his art. His work is very patriotic, I feel.

Ian Blatchford, Director of the Science Museum Group, decided to put this together, as he believes that Cuneo is an overlooked artist. The Group is the world's leading collection of science, technology, engineering and mathematics museums. They look after iconic galleries, such as the Science Museum in London, the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, York's National Railway Museum, and the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford.

For us, as a university, it's fantastic to be able to work together with the Science Museum Group. I think this exhibition really forms part of the legacy for Hull 2017. We've organised for the Tell The World Season and I believe that this curation is a symbol that the university will continue its work in contributing to the visual arts in the city.

And you've been bringing some fabulous artworks to campus all year, haven't you?

Yes, Painting Power is the fifth exhibition we've hosted in 2017. I think it shows the diverse range of work we have brought to campus. The quality really does speak for itself.

Why should people come along?

I think this exhibition has great popular appeal. Cuneo's work is very comforting. He paints quite a beautiful and idyllic image of Britain and this reminds people of a better time.

You can catch a glimpse of Cuneo's creations at the Brynmor Jones Library from Wednesday 13 December 2017 until Sunday 15 April 2018. Entry is completely free. For further details, please visit Culturenet

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