Trying to stay healthy when you eat out a lot can be tricky, especially if you're visiting somewhere new and exciting. No matter how much restraint you may have, it's always tempting to go for your favourite cheese-infused dish instead of a sensible salad.

However, if you opt for a place that sells great, tasty and healthy bites, you won't have to worry when browsing the menu.

Hull and its surrounding areas are full of eateries that promote a healthier lifestyle, so why not tuck in?

Health Baa

Located in Hull city centre, Health Baa is the ideal place to grab some food whilst out shopping, or if you're attending one of the many UK City of Culture 2017 events.

Opened in 2016, the not-for-profit organisation serves a variety of good-for-you eats. They pride themselves on using locally produced ingredients, which are all supplied by community farms that support people with mental health issues. It's win-win all round.

Where: 95 Jameson Street, Hull

Open: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm

Hitchcock's Vegetarian Restaurant

This amazing place offers customers not only a wholesome meal, but also an extraordinary experience. The vegetarian restaurant only opens when enough people book, so be sure to tell them in advance if you're popping by, and bring your friends along too.

The menu for the evening is chosen by the first person to book for that night. You can pick from all sorts of cuisine, including Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Cajun, Indian, Russian and even English.

Once you're there, food is served in a buffet-style format, or as a set menu if you prefer. You can even choose to bring your own bottle or order from their bar. This place is definitely one to visit if you're only stopping in Hull for the night.

Where: Bishop Lane, Hull

Open: Tue-Sat from 8pm

Book: 01482 320233

Filmore & Union

The popular healthy food chain has opened a branch in the beautiful market town of Beverley, just a short train ride from Hull Paragon Interchange.

Specialising in natural food without processed ingredients, they serve delicious, guilt-free dishes and also cater for a wide range of dietary requirements, plus they're dog-friendly.

Where: Ladygate, Beverley

Open: 8am-10pm daily

Liquid Jade

What's the point in eating healthy when you're not drinking healthy?

Liquid Jade is a bright and airy tea bar in Hull's Old Town, offering a huge selection of scrumptious and nutritious whole leaf herbal teas.

The expert owner will ensure that you have the right kind of tea to meet your needs and tastes. And if you're a bit peckish, they serve an array of light bites and salads too.

Where: Zebedee's Yard, off Whitefriargate, Hull

Open: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

Nofretete Cafe Bar

Explore Egyptian and Middle Eastern culture at Nofretete Cafe Bar. Selling mouth-watering breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as hot and cold drinks, the themed eatery is a great place to enjoy the exotic.

Whilst the menu isn't 100% lean, you can bet it's still full of healthy treats with an Egyptian twist. Choose from all sorts of veggie breakfasts, houmous dips, spicy vegetables and nutritious salads. Then wash it down with a pot of their refreshing mint tea.

Where: 55 Newland Avenue, Hull

Open: 9am-10pm daily

If you find yourself at any of these yummy restaurants and cafes, snap a photo of your food and tag Hull Trains on Facebook and Twitter.





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