Bringing luggage on your next trip with Hull Trains? Our Paragon fleet has improved luggage storage on board. Along with luggage racks at the end of each carriage, there are deeper overhead racks for regular cabin sized bags and extra under seat storage for smaller bags, so you can keep your luggage close to you throughout your journey.

On busier services, luggage storage space can be limited. Our onboard luggage allowance is 3 items per person, including a maximum of one large suitcase, a small carry-on bag and one piece that must be small enough to fit on your lap or under your seat if required. Please note that a charge of £30 per item will be levied for conveying additional items of luggage, or for excessively large or bulky items.

Get in touch prior to travelling if you have any queries about bringing items of luggage on board or find useful information below.

How Much Luggage Can I Bring?

A group of friends travelling by train

One Large Suitcase

You can bring with you one large suitcase, no bigger than 30x70x90cm, to be placed in the luggage racks provided.

Hull Trains Paragon overhead storage for suitcases and luggage

One Carry On Bag

A small carry on bag that can fit in the overhead racks or under your seat.

A business passenger travelling by train

One Small Bag

A small bag that can be placed on your knee, under your seat or in the overhead racks.

Travelling with Your Luggage

Hull Trains Luggage Allowance

Storing Your Luggage On Board

Make use of the luggage racks, deep overhead racks and under seat storage in each carriage. Luggage should not block any doorways, aisles, reserved seats or wheelchair user spaces.

On busier services, luggage space can be limited so please don't bring over the allowance we recommend.

If you are travelling with a pram, they must be folded down throughout the journey and stored safely in the luggage racks. Prams must not be stored in wheelchair user spaces.

Group boarding Hull Trains Paragon service

Carry My Luggage Service

We have partnered with who provide door-to-door luggage delivery services throughout Great Britain. Their service, which is chargeable, can help make your travel easier, moving larger or heavy luggage items so you don’t have to worry about carrying these around with you.

As a Hull Trains passenger, receive a 10% discount when you click on the link above or use promo code HT101 if booking directly with

Find Out More

Travelling with Lugagge Information

Please store large luggage items in the luggage racks provided at the end of each carriage. Alternatively, make use of the clear overhead luggage racks above your seat. Our Paragon fleet has improved storage which includes deeper overhead racks for regular cabin sized bags along with extra space beneath seats for smaller items of luggage. Larger bags should be stored at the carriage ends.

Please ensure luggage is stored securely and not blocking any walkways, wheelchair spaces or the seat next to you.

If you need any assistance with storing your luggage or can’t find space on the train, please speak to a member of on board staff.
As space can be limited when a service is busy, we ask that customers bring no more than three items of luggage – a maximum of one large suitcase, a small carry on bag and a handbag.

Small cases and bags can be stored under your seat, medium sized bags can go in the overhead racks and large suitcases must be placed in the luggage racks at the end of each carriage. Any luggage taken on board must be able to be carried by one person – either the passenger or a crew member if mobility assistance is required.

Any luggage in excess of our recommendations may be subject to an additional charge of £10 on board our services, in line with the National Rail Conditions of Travel.
The maximum bag size on our trains is 30x70x90cm. Please enquire before travelling if you intend on bringing very large items of luggage.

Any luggage in excess of our recommendations may be subject to an additional charge on-board our services, in line with the National Rail Conditions of Travel.
We ask that no more than 3 items of luggage per person is taken on board. Your luggage may be refused onto our trains if:

- Loading and unloading may cause a delay to the service
- It may cause injury or inconvenience to others
- It may obstruct walkways and corridors

Please note, electronic riding suitcases are not permitted on board Hull Trains services.

If you have any queries regarding luggage prior to travelling, please get in touch on 03450 710 222 and we will be happy to help.
If you have lost something on a Hull Trains service, please get in touch and find more details here. It's a good idea to ensure a name and address is labelled on your luggage in case it is misplaced.
We recommend that you check with your connecting train operator on their luggage policy prior to travelling as storage can differ by train and operator.
You are welcome to bring a pram on board our services, but they must be folded down at all times and stored away safely using the luggage racks provided, not blocking any doorways or aisles. Please do not store your pram in any wheelchair space in case of a wheelchair user requiring the area.


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