We are delighted to introduce our Standard Class food and drink refreshment offer. We now offer an at-seat trolley service of hot and cold drinks, with light refreshments and snacks. We are proud to be working with a number of local suppliers to offer high quality, local products including Atom Beer, Lister’s Crisps and Henderson's “Hendo's” Potato Snacks.

Whether you’re boarding our service at Hull or later along on our route, choose from a selection of drinks and snacks for your journey with us, including vegan and gluten free options. Travelling early morning? Grab a coffee and porridge to set you up for your day whatever your plans are. Our trolley service will be card payment only.

We are initially operating the trolley service as a trial, please check availability before you travel. If a service is very busy, please listen for trolley announcements onboard.

Looking for our First Class menu? Head to this page for details.
Hot Drinks
Yorkshire Tea - £2.50
Taylors of Harrogate Decaf Tea - £2.50
Kenco Coffee - £2.50
Nescafé Decaf Coffee - £2.50
Galaxy Hot Chocolate - £2.50
Taylors of Harrogate Speciality Teas (Green Tea, Earl Grey, Lemon, Peppermint) - £2.50

Cold Drinks
Harrogate Still Water 500ml - £1.90
Harrogate Sparkling Water 500ml - £1.90
Orange Juice Burst - £2.00
Robinsons Fruit Shoot - £1.40
Coca-Cola Can 330ml - £2.00
Diet Coke Can 330ml - £2.00
Fanta Can 330ml - £2.00
Hull Trains Locomotion Atom Beer 440ml - £4.50
Birra Moretti 330ml - £4.00 (2 for £7.00)
Gravity Theory Cider 330ml - £4.00 (2 for £7.00)
Kissing Tree White Wine 18.7cl - £4.50 (mix & match any 2 for £8.00)
Kissing Tree Merlot 18.7cl - £4.50 (mix & match any 2 for £8.00)
Smirnoff Vodka & Coke Mixer 220ml - £5.50 (2 for £10.00)
Gordon’s Gin & Tonic Mixer 220ml - £5.50 (2 for £10.00)
Tosti Prosecco Single Serve 20cl - £6.00 | Full Bottle 75cl - £25.00
Twix - £1.50
KitKat - £1.10
KitKat Vegan (VG) - £1.10
Kind Bar - £1.50
Belvita Breakfast Bars - £1.80
Proper Corn Sweet & Salty Popcorn - £1.50
Lister’s Crisps (Salt & Vinegar, Sea Salt or Cheese & Onion) £1.50
Hendo’s Potato Snack (VG & GF) - £1.50
KP Nuts Salted or Dry Roasted £1.50
Haribo Starmix - £2.20
Porridge (inc. 1x jam or honey) - £3.00
Porridge Vegan (V) - £3.00
Extra Jam or Honey (each) - £0.30
Walkers Shortbread Biscuit - £1.80
Mrs Crimble’s Brownie (GF) - £1.80
Mrs Crimble’s Macaroon (GF) - £1.80

Vegetarian (V) | Gluten free (GF) | Vegan (VG)
Hot Drink & Snack Deal
Twix + any hot drink - £3.50
Walkers Shortbread Biscuit + any hot drink - £3.50

Alcoholic Beverage Deals
Birra Moretti 330ml - 2 for £7.00
Gravity Theory Cider 330ml - 2 for £7.00
Kissing Tree White Wine & Merlot 18.7cl - mix & match any 2 for £8.00
Smirnoff Vodka & Coke Mixer 220ml - 2 for £10.00
Gordon’s Gin & Tonic Mixer 220ml - 2 for £10.00
Standard Class Food and Drink Drinks

Hot Drinks, Soft Drinks & Alcoholic Beverages

Choose from various hot drinks including Yorkshire Tea and Kenco Coffee. Plenty of soft drinks are available too.

Fancy a tipple? We have an assortment of alcoholic beverages on our at-seat trolley service including our exclusive Hull Trains "Locomotion" Atom Beer.

Standard Class Food and Drink Snacks


We offer a range of sweet treats and snacks, from porridge and Belvita breakfast bars for those early morning journeys to Lister's Crisps, Hendo's and KitKats as a little pick-me-up. 

Standard Class Food and Drink Deals


Enjoy a Twix or Walkers Shortbread Biscuit with any hot drink for £3.50.

Wanting to start the celebrations early? We have a range of alcoholic beverage deals available.

Standard Class Local Products

Bringing You Local Products

A number of items on our at-seat trolley offering are high quality, locally sourced products that we are proud to serve on our services between Hull and London King's Cross. We believe these products truly represent the spirit of Yorkshire and we're passionate about celebrating our brilliant region.

Stay refreshed during your journey and take advantage of the trolley that will make it's way throughout the train.

Hendos and Listers Crisps as part of the trolley service

Lister's Crisps & Hendo's

We are delighted to bring you high quality local products as part of our Standard Class trolley service including Lister’s Crisps and Henderson's “Hendo's”.

The Hull Trains team with the standard class trolley

Stay Refreshed

We hope to see you onboard soon to try our at-seat trolley service of hot and cold drinks, refreshments and snacks! It has been a welcomed addition since it's launch.

Atom Locomotion beer exclusive to Hull Trains services

Atom "Locomotion" Beer

Brewed locally in Hull, be sure to try our exclusive Atom pale ale "Locomotion"! It's available exclusively onboard as part of our Standard Class trolley service.


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Hull Trains services are now open until:
  • 18 November 2024 Weekdays
  • 16 November 2024 Saturdays
  • 17 November 2024 Sundays
  • Exclusions may apply, click below for details.