One of the most inexpensive yet fun ways of spreading the Christmas joy with your family is a trip to see the sparkly lights, and the mesmerising displays in the capital will not disappoint. From the eco-friendly to the extravagant, Hull Trains have got you covered.


Oxford Street

Oxford Street has been lit up with Christmas cheer for the 57th time this year. The popular shopping throughway is strewn with over a quarter of a million LED lightbulbs and 1,778 snowball-esque globes. There's also a series of star-shaped lights to raise awareness of the NSPCC's Little Stars Campaign; the charity is also inviting visitors to donate £5 to name one of the stars after someone special.


Covent Garden

Already a popular spot for Christmas shoppers, the Covent Garden market buildings will be illuminated with mistletoe-themed decorations from Tuesday 15 November. Also kitted out with its own giant metallic reindeer statue and beautifully adorned tree, the square will be a wonderful sight whilst searching for that perfect present.


Regent Street

As has been tradition since the mid-1950s, Regent Street will be transformed into a winter wonderland with garlands, lights and festive fixtures that stretch from Oxford Circus, along Piccadilly and St James's, all the way to Waterloo Place.


Carnaby Street

Take a glimpse at the V&A's new exhibition You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970' on Carnaby Street this Christmas. Famed for being amongst the most distinctive streets in the capital, here you'll find illuminations from Thursday 10 November “ Friday 6 January. The V&A exhibition explores counterculture in the late 1960s and its expression through music, art, fashion and film.


The Enchanted Woodland

Syon Park's Enchanted Woodland is already a magical place, with 600-year-old gardens and majestic trees that date back centuries. This Christmas the space will also glow with interactive lights and twinkly ornaments. Make sure to head to the initial switch-on, which takes place on Friday 18 November.


Kew Gardens

What better way to anticipate the big day than with an illuminated nature walk to Santa's Grotto? From Wednesday 23 November, lights will twinkle in the festive trees, lighting up the scented garden as guests make their way to traditional fairground rides, nibbles and mulled wine.


Bond Street

With previous installations including enormous peacock feathers fanning over the street, this year's Bond Street Christmas lights are set to be glamourous and extravagant, and altogether beautiful. West End shoppers can experience the magic from Saturday 12 November.


The Strand

Already a popular spot on the Monopoly board, the Strand is also famous for being the first area in London to get electric street lighting. Over a century later and this year's Christmas lights will be powered by a biofuel based on cooking oils collected from London's restaurants.


Wherever you find yourself gazing up at some spectacular lights this Christmas, we'd love to see them. Tag us in your photos on Facebook and Twitter

Author: sobananapenguin

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