Humber Street, situated off Hull's picturesque marina, is an absolutely fantastic area. With coffee shops and annual festivals, art galleries and centuries of heritage, fine dining around the corner and even a dinosaur museum, it's well worth a visit whether you have a spare ten minutes or fancy making a day of it.





Let's start with the venue that has it all. Fruit welcomes musicians, DJs and bands from across the UK and beyond, hosts theatre, stand-up comedy and an alternative pub quiz, and has a fantastic market on the third Sunday of every month. The staff are lovely, there's local art on the walls and it's also the home of Cult Cinema Sunday, which celebrates some of the best movies of all time for just £5 per ticket.



Thieving Harry's


Fancy a cuppa and some cake? Rather have a sarnie or a salad? How about poached egg, bacon and avocado on toast? Thieving Harry's is the place to be. A super friendly café run by two families that are passionate about their city and everyone in it, you can spend hours just trying to take in all of the detail, from vintage furniture and crockery to eye-catching brickwork and original features.





A truly unique experience, Dinostar is an independent museum dedicated to all things Mesozoic. Here you can see a T-rex skull, listen to a velociraptor's roar and touch triceratops bones before picking up something fun and fascinating from the gift shop.



The Oresome Gallery


No, that's not a typo, although it is pretty awesome. The Oresome Gallery presents exciting workshops and impressive displays of jewellery made on-site in their studio from raw metals and other materials. You can also purchase one-of-a-kind and limited edition items, which make excellent gifts.



Kingston Art Group and Studio Eleven


Two very different galleries just a stone's throw from each other. Whilst the KAG Gallery hosts a variety of exhibitions, from traditional watercolours to photography and mixed media, Studio Eleven specialises in ceramics and printmaking. Both are very inviting and allow visitors to engage with a vast range of Hull's creative processes for free, although donations are welcome.



Antiques, music, culture


Also down Humber Street you'll find all manner of knickknacks and heirlooms spilling out onto the street, painted shutters and colourful murals, and DJs spinning vinyl for anyone who happens to be passing by. Even whilst undergoing major redevelopment, demolition and construction, Humber Street has an amazing vibe, especially at the weekend.



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