Zip World London is a joining of leading providers of zip lines: Zip World and The City Zip Company. Located in Archbishop's Park in Southbank, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity promises exhilarating views of the capital as you've never seen it before.

We spoke with the founder of The City Zip Company, Barry Shaverin, to find out more about this sensational city centre activity.

So, firstly, can you tell us a little bit about Zip World London?

Well, it's 225 metres long, it launches at 25 metres high, and lands at 12 metres high. It's actually a lot higher than it sounds. Plus, the incline is about 8%, so it will go pretty fast too. We are confident in our boast that this is the biggest and fastest city centre zip line in the world.

Wow, it all sounds a bit scary!

It is scary. For me, zip lines are a good halfway point between a roller coaster and a bungee jump. I love zip lines, but for me, bungee jumps are just too terrifying.

How did you first come up with this idea?

I'm a proud Londoner and have always loved zip lines. It seemed like an obvious thing to do. It started out as a fun idea, but as I discussed it with more and more people, it got more traction. I became quite obsessed with the concept if I'm completely honest.

Why do you think people love zip lines?

It's definitely not for me to say why people enjoy the thrill of zip lines. All I can say is that Zip World is sold out the 364 days of the year that they are open. People love it.

What makes Zip World London so special?

The amazing views of the city. You can get an incredible perspective on many of the important and iconic buildings in London. From the top, you can see as far as Crystal Palace - it's really high.

Of course, everyone has seen a lot of the buildings in the capital, whether it be on the way to work or on the television. People have seen the House of Commons, but not from this angle.

We've been very careful to make this experience the best for everyone, looking after the park that we're based in, as well as taking extra safety and security precautions. We use military-grade equipment, provide an initial training session for our customers, and carry out extensive inspections and checks. Our riders' pockets are emptied so that the people below underneath aren't hit with any unwanted items.

It's proving to be a fantastic attraction.

What would you say to people who are brand new to ziplining?

Now, that's a big question. I would say two things. Firstly, bring someone with you. This goes for anything in life, a shared experience is a better one. We also have two lines running parallel to each other so that you can ride together.

Secondly, I would say that tickets are selling out fast, so hurry up! I've been absolutely blown away by the response we've had so far. You may never have an opportunity to do something like this again. We're only here until Sunday 1 October.

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