This vibrant area of London has changed dramatically since the days of Del Boy and Rodney.

The diversity of cosmopolitan Peckham is reflected in its wide array of things to do, see and eat. Here's our pick of the best.



Grab some freshly grilled grub at the Peckham Bazaar

As the name suggests, this is a place to enjoy a selection of Eastern Mediterranean goodness with a few Middle Eastern flavours spicing up proceedings. Plenty of seafood features on this Balkan-inspired restaurant's menu, alongside delicious Ottoman staples such as stuffed peppers and Jerusalem artichokes. If you're wondering how to get there, just go down to Consort Road and let the sweet, succulent scents wafting from the outdoor fire pit draw you in. Then, just sit down in the Greek taverna setting and start sampling its many offerings. If you're with a party of over 25, you really can feast in true Ottoman style.


119 Consort Road, London, SE15 3RU

Train: Peckham Rye



Ignore the backdrop and focus on the film at the Rooftop Film Club

During the summer months, visitors to Peckham can climb up to the top of the Bussey Building for the Rooftop Film Club, a showcase of some of the best cult classics in movie history set against London's breathtaking night skyline. It's a great idea, with deckchairs and thick blankets provided for comfort and warmth.


Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, Peckham, London, SE15 4ST

Train: Peckham Rye



Pack in a bit more food at Pedler

Fancy some expertly sourced, well-cooked fodder? Maybe the Peckham Bazaar didn't fill you up, or perhaps you want something a little more local than the Eastern Mediterranean. Either way, this independent home of modern British food should more than sate your appetite. Their breakfast of eggs, Little Bird Gin sausage, valley smokehouse bacon, baked beans, pig's head croquette, flat mushroom and slow-roasted tomato is the perfect example of the cafe's dedication to full flavour. With seasonal ingredients perfectly put together, the attention to detail even extends to homemade baked beans.


Pedler, 58 Peckham Rye, London, SE15 4JR

Train: Peckham Rye



Enjoy a pizza and a pint in The Gowlett

The Gowlett is an old-style boozer from a time when smooth leather and wood panelling ranked above eye-catching decor. Walking in here is not a feast for the eyes, but then the eyes don't do the eating. Their pizza could be a contender for the best outside of Italy thanks to meat smoked in-house and a range of other high quality ingredients. The selection of drinks is good too, making The Gowlett the perfect starting place for a night out.


62 Gowlett Road, London, SE15 4HY

Train: Peckham Rye



Get busy at the Bussey Building

Ten years ago it was nearly turned into a pile of rubble; today it's a bubbling community arts centre by day, and a buzzing club and venue for the South London dance scene by night. Come here for house, techno and garage tunes in the building's industrial, concrete surrounds, or venture up to the roof, which offers views of Central London's vast variety of architecture.


133 Rye Lane, London, SE15 4ST

Train: Peckham Rye



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