Traditionally, investing in property can be expensive, precarious, stressful and hard work. This is no longer the case thanks to Prople, which invites people in Hull and East Yorkshire to get involved and watch their investment grow through a secure, self-managed and high-interest crowdfunding platform.

Rather than purchasing an entire property and having to deal with tenancy agreements, rent collection, maintenance and repairs, Prople owns luxury apartments in the Fruit Market and offers shares at just £2,000 each. This makes property investment far more accessible to the general public and removes the headache of managing the property and its finances.

With stylish eateries the likes of Butler Whites, Tapasya and Buca Di Pizza within a stone's throw, not to mention boutique traders, art galleries and cultural events on their doorstep, residents of Prople properties can enjoy the very best that Hull has to offer. Meanwhile, its investors benefit from a no-nonsense approach to growing wealth through bricks and mortar, which is achieved through an unparalleled interest rate of 8% per year. 

If you were to take out five shares for £10,000, you'll earn £800 in interest every year, says Kenneth Keegan, Managing Director of People. This far exceeds any ISA or savings fund, whilst offering a 100% guarantee that the stock market can only dream of.

There are 700 shares available and investors are limited to 1-5 each, allowing fairness across the board. With Prople's modern homes already in very high demand, there's no risk of empty apartments either now and in the future, which works to the advantage of the owners and shareholders alike. 

Those interested in grabbing a slice of the profits may currently have £2,000 or more in a low-interest ISA or volatile stock fund, in which case transferring over to Prople is a very savvy move that will bring immediate and wide-ranging results:

Not only do our investors enjoy an incredible ROI, they also get to be part of the ongoing Fruit Market regeneration, adds Kenneth. Prople truly is property investment for the people, helping to build a strong neighbourhood vibe in this attractive part of the city centre. 

The apartments truly are outstanding, with high-speed KCOM Lightstream internet access, secure gated parking, bespoke décor, artwork by the local creative community, quartz worktops and the same beds you'll find in Claridge's, all included as standard. 

Whilst temporary investments are welcome, if you were to treat Prople as a long-term savings fund, your £10,000 will turn into £30,000 in twenty-five years without having to lift a finger, Kenneth points out. It's the perfect way to plan ahead, grow your wealth and ensure a happy retirement.

This is the first investment opportunity of its kind in Hull and plays a major role in encouraging the city to catch up with sophisticated property hubs such as Manchester and London. To take out shares from its limited stock, contact Prople today on 01482 215990 or email hello@proplecrowd.com.

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