What: "Michelangelo: A Different View" exhibition
When: 8th October – 18th November 2019
Where: Hull Minster, S Church Side, Hull, HU1 2JJ
Admission: Free entry

What’s Happening?

Hull Minster is hosting an unmissable exhibition, Michelangelo: A Different View, to showcase Michelangelo’s world-famous paintings from their home at the Vatican. Approved and licensed by the Vatican Museums, this enthralling display is set to be an acclaimed event. Between 8th October and 18th November 2019 at Hull Minster, you can get up close and personal to the magnificent artwork from the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel. 

With Hull being the only location in the north of the UK, this family-friendly exhibition is certain to attract visitors from near and far to the cultural city of Hull. It is the only exhibition set to showcase the entire set of Michelangelo’s wonderful works. 

These breath-takingly detailed paintings have been regarded as some of the greatest works of art on earth. The exhibition will bring the Sistine Chapel to life in Hull, with a series of high-quality photographs transferred onto fabric. Visitors will be able to view the masterpieces up close for the first time, where you can wander at your leisure without the masses of sightseers at the Vatican Museum in Rome. 
Michelangelo A Different View Exhibition Hull Minster

The History

This exhibition will truly highlight and bring appreciation to the intricate details of Michelangelo’s work. The Sistine Chapel at the Vatican Museum attracts over 6 million visitors a year and the original masterpieces are suspended 22 metres above the heads of the guests. In 1508, Michelangelo was commissioned to paint the vast ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, where he spent four years creating his masterpiece. The artwork was eventually completed in 1512 where it has been appreciated for over 500 years.

Michelangelo A Different View Exhibition

Getting to the Exhibition

If you’re local to the city of Hull, Hull Minster is located in the heart of the Old Town. It has easy access to the rest of the city centre where you will find shopping centres, a range of restaurants and bars, and Hull Paragon Interchange, where there are regular bus services. For more details on how to get there, visit the Hull Minster website.

If you are travelling from outside of Hull, there are regular train and bus services into Hull Paragon Interchange. For Hull Trains services to Hull, you can find our timetable of services here. You can easily book your train tickets to Hull on our website or app, whether you are travelling with Hull Trains or another operator on a different route.

If you’re an art lover or you want to discover something new in Hull this year, this exhibition is guaranteed to be a brilliant day out for all. Supporting the main exhibition will be a wide-ranging programme of different events and family-friendly activities throughout the six weeks, 8th October to 18th November. View the line-up of events. And with free entry, you don’t want to miss out!

Hull Trains are delighted to sponsor Hull Minsters’ “Michelangelo: A Different View” exhibition and we are proud to support a fantastic, local event.





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