You can travel with your bicycle on board one of our trains wherever you are heading. As there are a limited number of spaces, passengers must reserve a bike space in advance. This can be done online at the time of booking your ticket - simply add a bike reservation when reserving your seats. You can also reserve a bike space for free at the station. You must book a bike space in advance as storage is limited and bikes cannot be kept in the areas by the doors. 

Folding bikes with a maximum 20-inch wheel can be carried as luggage without any restriction; please make sure you fold it before boarding. We are unable to carry tandem bicycles or other oversized cycles, eg: with attached trailers. Please note, e-scooters are not permitted on board.

e-bikes are permitted on board our trains but must not be charged whilst on board and must fit the same size parameters as a regular push cycle. All bikes, whether an e-bike or standard bike must be able to be stowed in the bike racks so they take only one bike space. The maximum dimensions for this is 180cm height, 18cm frame width, 5.5cm tyre width. Cycles outside of these sizes cannot be carried.

Travelling with a Bike

King's Cross Station

How To Reserve a Bicycle Space

You can reserve a bicycle space online at the time of booking when choosing your seat reservation preferences. You can also reserve a space on the Hull Trains app or at any staffed station ticket office.

London station rush Hull Trains

Check Before You Travel

We can’t accept bikes on replacement buses so check for engineering works before you travel. Find out which stations have bicycle storage.


Travelling with a Bike Information

Each of our trains include a free, designated bicycle storage area. As there are a limited number of spaces available, passengers wishing to carry a bicycle must reserve a space in advance and as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
a) When you are purchasing tickets online or via the Hull Trains app, an option can be selected to reserve a bicycle space. On our website, you can add a bike reservation at the time of choosing your seat preferences.
b) Any staffed station ticket office can provide bicycle reservations.

Reservations are free and can be made up to the day before travel.
Once you have reserved a space for your bike, speak to a member of our on board team who will direct you to our designated bike storage area. Bikes must remain in the designated storage areas until you depart the service, not blocking any doors or aisles.
E-scooters are not permitted on board Hull Trains services, including both folding and non-folding e-scooters.

Lightweight mobility scooters (weighing no more than 300kg) and bikes are permitted on board. Bike reservations must be made in advance as space is limited. Folding bikes can be carried on as luggage and must remain folded throughout your journey.

e-bikes are permitted onboard providing they are no larger than a regular bike.
Bikes can only be brought on board if a reservation has been made prior to travel. If you do not have a bike reservation, you may be advised to store your bike at the station. Find out which stations have bicycle storage here. If there is an available cycle space, carriage will be at the On Board Managers discretion.
We are unable to carry tandem bicycles, tricycles or other oversized bikes including powered vehicles, eg: trailers and motorcycles.

Folding bikes with a maximum 20-inch wheel can be carried as luggage without any restriction providing you fold it before boarding and keep it folded until leaving the train. 

We also cannot carry non-folding bikes on replacement coach services should there be an alternative travel arrangement in place so please check before you travel.
If you are travelling with another train operator on your journey, please check their bike policy before you travel as storage can differ by train and operator.
Some stations have facilities to store bikes whilst you travel by train. Find out which stations have bicycle storage available here.


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