You can't beat a good caffeinated kick. With coffee culture still on the rise across Hull and the UK, we met up with Matt Pearson, owner of River City Coffee, to find out what he's been working on in their roastery.

""We currently have the capacity to produce 6-7 tons of coffee per year,"" says Matt as we stand in the most amazing smelling room in the city. ""We're averaging around a quarter of a ton per month, with the capacity to increase when required.""

Having launched in July 2016, River City Coffee is already proving popular across the region, with web sales and monthly subscriptions growing by the day. However, Matt hasn't always worked in the industry: ""I was in employment law for almost a decade, specialising in the food sector,"" he smiles. ""Now that I'm producing coffee, this knowledge comes in very handy and guarantees consistency.""

We're standing in the roastery, surrounded by gleaming chrome and hessian sacks of single origin beans. This combination is what makes River City Coffee so special: ""Our machinery is custom built, allowing us to fine-tune the settings to create the perfect roast every time. As for the beans, we ensure the shortest provenance trail possible, which reduces our carbon footprint and benefits the suppliers.""

Coffee is grown within a very strict altitude band, with different countries working according to the local seasons. River City Coffee buys green coffee beans from trusted suppliers around the world, which are then roasted to precise parameters right here in Hull. 

""We make sure that all of our coffee comes from ethically sound supply chains. This means that the farmers get a good deal, the communities the farms serve see the benefits, and the farmland is treated with the respect it deserves,"" explains Matt.

As for the taste, River City Coffee focuses on the integrity and unique character of every batch: ""We use only Arabica beans, which come in many varieties and are perfect for experimenting with to create all kinds of roasts. In contrast, large high-street coffee shops use Robusta coffee, which hits your throat without any nuances or interesting surprises.""

As well as celebrating the story behind every bean, River City Coffee tailors its coffee roasts for espresso, V60, AeroPress, French Press, filter and stove top. This means that however you make your coffee, from using whole beans to finely ground roasts, it will turn out just right every time.

As well as being dedicated to using only ethically sourced coffee beans, River City Coffee donates 5% of its profit to social good projects. This reflects their belief that every community is important and should be nurtured, whether on the other side of the planet or right here on our doorstep.

""Whether it's a one-off bag, a sampler pack, a monthly subscription or an office order, we're here to provide the UK with great coffee,"" adds Matt. ""We're a small business with big ambitions!""

To find out more about River City Coffee, visit their online store.

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