If you travel regularly by train and make the same journey often, why not consider a season ticket? You may find season tickets to be better value for your travel needs compared to buying individual tickets each time you travel. Season tickets are available to purchase at your station ticket office.

If you travel regularly on the East Yorkshire portion of the Hull Trains route, we offer great savings to and from stations such as Hull, Beverley, Cottingham, Selby and Doncaster. Similarly if you need to travel often to London, season tickets offer the best amount of flexibility whether that’s for a week, month or year.

You’ll get unlimited travel with a weekly, monthly or annual Hull Trains season ticket. It’s a brilliant option for commuters who need to travel daily or 3 to 4 times a week. 

Advantages of Season Tickets
• Get unlimited travel between your two chosen stations
• Save money compared to buying individual tickets each time you travel
• Choose from weekly, monthly or annual tickets to suit your travel needs

Which Season Ticket is Right for you?

Hull Trains Paragon in Hull station

Weekly Season Tickets

Get unlimited travel on your chosen route for 7 days, perfect for those who have a daily commute.

Business traveller in first class with a coffee

Monthly Season Tickets

Enjoy a full calendar month of unlimited travel between two destinations with no restrictions on the time of day you travel.

Hull Trains Paragon travelling by Humber Bridge

Annual Season Tickets

Travel at any time of the day between your two chosen stations for a whole year, offering complete flexibility.

Hull Trains Paragon passengers boarding the train

Flexi Tickets

If you need full flexibility with your travel but you don't need to commute regularly each week, try a Hull Trains Flexi ticket.

Flexi Ticket Details

Hull Trains Season Ticket Prices

Non-London Routes Weekly Price Monthly Price Annual Price
Cottingham - Hull £15.00 £57.60 £600.00
Beverley - Hull £20.00 £76.80 £800.00
Hull - Selby £35.00 £134.40 £1,400.00
Hull - Doncaster £40.00 £153.60 £1,600.00
Hull - Retford £70.00 £268.80 £2,800.00
Brough - Selby £22.00 £84.50 £880.00
Brough - Doncaster £25.00 £96.00 £1,000.00
Howden - Selby £20.00 £76.80 £800.00
Howden - Doncaster £20.00 £76.80 £800.00
Selby - Doncaster £30.00 £115.20 £1,200.00
Doncaster - Retford £35.00 £134.40 £1,400.00
Doncaster - Grantham £85.00 £326.40 £3,400.00
London Routes Weekly Price Monthly Price Annual Price
Beverley - London King's Cross £380.00 £1,459.20 £15,200.00
Cottingham - London King's Cross £380.00 £1,459.20 £15,200.00
Hull - London King's Cross £360.00 £1,382.40 £14,400.00
Brough - London King's Cross £360.00 £1,382.40 £14,400.00
Howden - London King's Cross £360.00 £1,382.40 £14,400.00
Selby - London King's Cross £330.00 £1,267.20 £13,200.00
Doncaster - London King's Cross £280.00 £1,075.20 £11,200.00
Retford - London King's Cross £270.00 £1,036.80 £10,800.00
Grantham - London King's Cross £210.00 £806.40 £8,400.00

Season Tickets Frequently Asked Questions

Season tickets allow for unlimited travel between your two chosen stations. You can travel at any time of the day, any day of the week. Choose from weekly, monthly or annual season tickets.
Hull Trains season tickets are available to purchase at your station ticket office.
Choose from weekly, monthly, annual or flexi season tickets depending on your travel needs. 
Hull Trains season tickets are valid only on Hull Trains services. If you board another operators service using a Hull Trains season ticket, you will be asked to purchase a valid ticket.
To renew your season ticket, please visit your station ticket office.
We offer season tickets to and from various locations on the Hull Trains route, this includes London and non-London journeys. See the table above on this page to see what season tickets are available.
You can get unlimited travel on any Hull Trains service using a season ticket between your two chosen stations.
If you travel frequently or you commute, season tickets are a better value way to travel. It also gives you full flexibility of when you can travel with Hull Trains.
If you travel on the same route regularly, you may find a season ticket to offer better value than buying individual tickets for each journey. Season tickets are great options for commuters.
If you have a Season Ticket valid for travel on our trains, please include a copy of the ticket with your application. Season Ticket holders should claim for delay repay in respect to each individual journey on which they are delayed and include details of the specific train on which you were travelling. 

Use the table below to calculate the amount of Delay Repay Compensation you're entitled to. Divide the cost of your Season Ticket type over the number underneath delay times.

Season Ticket Type 30 to 59 Minutes Above 60 Minutes
 Weekly 20 10
Monthly 80  40
Quarterly 240  120
Annual 928  464


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