In 2019, we received hundreds of name suggestions for each of our five Paragon trains. Our staff and a group of Hull VIPs had the difficult task of shortlisting the suggestions down to 4 final names for the trains and another 5 names for a public vote.

The public vote has now closed, and we’ve counted and verified the poll results. We are delighted to announce that the winning name of our 5th train is:

Jean Bishop (The Bee Lady)
A well-loved Hull local who spent 30 years fundraising in her hometown raising more than £125,000 for charity dressed as a bee.

Keep your eyes peeled for the newly named fleet on our route and tag us in your pictures!

The other 4 names selected by our staff and VIPs are...
    Hull Trains Winning Train Name Amy Johnson

    Amy Johnson

    The name Amy Johnson will grace one of our Paragon fleet. The pioneering Hull born pilot was the first woman to fly solo from London to Australia, setting many long-distance records in the 1930s.

    Hull Trains Winning Train Name William Wilberforce

    William Wilberforce

    The name William Wilberforce will also be on one of our trains. The politician, philanthropist and leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade was the most popular choice we received from our customers back in 2019.

    Hull Trains Winning Train Name The Land of Green Ginger

    Land of Green Ginger

    Our third name will be "Land of Green Ginger", the famous Hull street at the bottom of Whitefriargate in the old town area of Hull was another popular choice.

    Hull Trains Winning Train Name The Humber Bridge

    The Humber Bridge

    The Humber Bridge is our 4th train name and a perfect choice as our Paragon fleet travel past it every day of the week as they make their journey towards London. It is a fantastic Hull landmark.

    Our Train Naming Journey...

    Hull Trains name that train logo

    How It Began

    When our Paragon fleet launched in 2019, we asked for name suggestions for each of the 5 trains. After receiving hundreds of entries, we put it on hold due to the pandemic. We were delighted to revisit this recently… 

    Watch The Video
    Hull Trains colleagues discussing train naming

    The Longlist

    Hull Trains colleagues came together to reduce the longlist of entries down to just 15 names. These names would then go forward to the Hull VIPs to narrow down further to just 4 names.

    Watch The Video
    Hull VIPs discussing train naming

    The Shortlist

    The Hull VIPs selected 4 names for the trains and another 5 names for a public vote to decide the fifth and final train name. We received almost 2,500 entries; the winning name was Jean Bishop (The Bee Lady)! 

    Watch The Video


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