Hull Trains – the UK’s smallest rail operator - is the only company which guarantees that every journey will be on a brand-new, world-class train.  

This passenger promise comes as all 92 journeys a week to London will now be on the state-of-the-art Paragon trains, generating space for an extra 5,000 passengers.

The UK’s rail network is undergoing one of the biggest modernisation programmes in history, and - after a £60 million investment - Hull Trains is the first and only train company to boast an entire fleet of trains just months old. 

The open access operator has rolled out its Paragon fleet in phases from December 2019 as the state-of-the-art trains arrived in the UK from the Hitachi factory in Italy. 

Louise Cheeseman managing director for Hull Trains said the achievement was a significant one for the twenty-year-old rail operator.  

“At Hull Trains we are incredibly proud to be the only UK operator boasting an entirely modern fleet of trains. This is a passenger promise that we can confidently guarantee to everyone who travels with us. It’s a huge step change for the city of Hull and for transport in the North,” she explained.

“Across the network half of Britain’s trains are being replaced, new for old. We’re honoured to play a part in modernising our railway, transforming travel for passengers and leading from the front in our fleet replacement programme. 

“Our bi-mode trains have the ability to switch between diesel and electric operation. This was invaluable during the disruptions from the recent storms as all train operators on the East Coast Main Line needed to operate in diesel mode at a reduced speed for safety. 

“Now we’re in a position to consider what opportunities there are to expand our services. It’s a really exciting to see what the future holds for Hull Trains.”

Hull Trains is currently the only operator with a fleet less than six months old and has rolled out each new train as soon as final safety tests were completed by Hitachi. 

The rail industry is currently undergoing one of the biggest fleet modernisation programmes as demand for rail transport is expected to increase by 58% over the next 10 years. 

Louise added: “It’s our twentieth year in business and we are committed to strengthening our role in the development of the city. We have ambitious plans to develop and expand our services and are constantly looking at new ways to attract customers and improve customer experience. 

“Other plans for the future include more investment in infrastructure at Hull and the surrounding community stations, improving disability access and upgrading platforms. We want to reinvest back into the city and our people.” 

Customers who haven’t been on one of the new trains yet can take a virtual tour through one of the train carriages which features standard and first-class facilities in detail before booking train tickets. 

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