Hull Trains has launched a brand-new website - to make it easier for passengers to find out key information and help them keep up to date in real time of any disruptions.

The new website is much more mobile-friendly, so passengers will instantly see a massive improvement when using the website on the go.

Other great features include an improved ‘cheap tickets’ alert and the ability to keep up to date with what is happening at all stations - and with all operators - across the UK.

The open access operator, which carries around one million passengers between Hull and London every year, has listened to feedback from customers, resulting in a simpler, cleaner website which is easy to navigate.

Khalid Amin, Head of Digital at Hull Trains said he hopes customers will be impressed and agree the new website allows users to find the information they want easily and quickly.

He said: "We've spent a lot of time listening to feedback from our customers before making any changes.

“The result is a simpler, cleaner website where our customers can find the most important content easily.

“We’ve added real-time disruption information to the homepage and also improved our live times page.

“The compensation process has also been improved with the forms easier to use and BACS added as a payment option.

“The final thing to say is we would love to know what customers think so we can carry on improving the site.”

The new features on the website include:

A simpler booking service

Passengers can use the homepage booking form for an improved booking experience. They can now easily select the most popular stations when booking too.

Keeping you updated

Real-time disruption alerts can be found on the homepage and are now colour coded according to severity. Hull Trains has also improved its Live Times page which now features every UK station.

Real time station information for departures and arrivals has also been expanded to include all UK rail stations and operators and is updated daily, direct from National Rail Enquiries. Passengers can use this page if they are catching a connecting train or need to find out when a service is due to leave.

Cheap Ticket alerts

Did you know you can sign up on the Hull Trains website for alerts to find out when cheap tickets for your chosen date of travel go on sale?

On the new website, improvements to this section have been made so customers can find out first when the cheapest tickets are available and be alerted about cheaper travel outside of 12 weeks.


Mobile friendly

Many passengers visit the Hull Trains website on the go, so the new website is now much more mobile friendly. A lot of time has been spent making sure the site works well on your smart phone.

Simplified navigation

Hull Trains simplified the site navigation to help passengers find the content they need more easily. It comes after passengers reported not being able to find the pages they needed quickly enough.

Improved compensation and feedback forms

While Hull Trains aims to continue into a strong period of reliability, compensation forms have been made simpler to make a claim, should there be any delays. These improved forms will help its customer services team to respond faster.

The company has added an address look-up to speed things up as well.


The website launch comes at the start of an exciting stage for the company - which runs 92 direct services between Hull and the capital each year.

Following a £60m investment, Hull Trains is set to renew its entire fleet of trains later this year, which will transform travel between Hull and London.

The new trains, which are currently being manufactured in Italy, having been built in Japan will see the company operating some of the most technologically advanced, fastest and most luxurious trains in the UK.

For the first time, Hull Trains will have five trains, for a timetable which only requires three to run - to help keep any train disruption to a minimum.

In the meantime, whilst the new trains are eagerly awaited, Hull Trains has secured the loan of a high-speed train (HST) to ensure a smooth timetable between February 2019 and the arrival of the new trains in December.





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