Hull Trains has teamed up with Pride in Hull to help bring the spectacular inclusive event back to the city for another year.

The massive event – which celebrates the LGBT+ community reflects everything Hull Trains as a company stands for – equality, inclusion and diversity.

Last year, the free, un-ticketed event attracted more than 50,000 people, and this year, with the help of sponsors including Hull Trains, Pride in Hull 2019 hopes to be bigger and bolder than ever before.

Pride in Hull will kick off with a huge dazzling parade which will sweep through the city on Saturday, July 20, and then the gates to Queens Gardens will be opened for what is one of the biggest Pride events in the country.

The ethos of the Pride event is about welcoming and attracting people of any gender, race and sexuality to Hull – the exact same goals Hull Trains has.

Louise Cheeseman, Managing Director at Hull Trains said: “We’ve seen Pride in Hull grow year on year and we’re excited and proud to support this year’s event.

“The fun event brings people from diverse backgrounds together and gives people another reason to visit this great city.

“At Hull Trains we are keen to not only provide people from Hull with a direct and easy way to get to London, but we are also a local company which works hard to promote Hull as a great destination to visit.

“Events such as Pride in Hull – which is one of the biggest Pride events in the entire country - really do put Hull on the map for the right reasons, and shows Hull is a happening place to be.

“We’ve seen first hand the effects an event like Pride can have our community and by getting involved we are helping drive social change.”

Hull Trains has one of the highest levels of colleague equality in the industry. In stark contrast to the rail industry norm, where only 16 per cent of roles are filled by women, at Hull Trains, more than 50 per cent of staff are female.

More than 50 per cent of the executive board are also female and Hull Trains is the only rail operating company in the UK with a female Managing Director.

Louise added: “Ever since we launched nearly 20 years ago, Hull Trains has provided a workplace with equality and inclusion at its heart. We’re one of the most innovative and diverse rail operators in the UK.

“We openly support and champion LGBT-inclusion policies and employees and are proud to have our name at such an important event.

“Supporting an event such as Pride not only sends a public message of support, but also reaffirms to our staff and prospective staff that Hull Trains is an inclusive place to work.

“We have values of being open, honest, friendly and caring and supportive of each other, regardless of career level, status, age, gender or sexual orientation.

“We employ people based on their commitment to our values, behaviours and passion for customer service. As a result we have a diverse and skilled mix of people at Hull Trains, many of whom have been with us since the company first began in 2000.”

Pride in Hull is a charity, run entirely by volunteers, and Hull Trains are proud to sponsor the t-shirts of 250 volunteers who will make this event possible. Hull Trains will also provide wristbands for attendees to wear with pride.

Staff on board will also proudly wear the Pride in Hull wristbands.

The Pride parade will feature specially commissioned performances marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and the history of LGBT protest.

The festival which follows will see performances from huge international acts such as Melanie C with Sink the Pink and Alaska 5000, as well as homegrown talent.

For more information about the Pride event, visit





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