Here at Hull Trains we are working hard to ensure every journey is safe and relaxing so our passengers can travel stress-free. In addition to our current protective measures, from enhanced cleaning to socially distanced seats, we’ve developed brand-new technology to help make social distancing even easier when travelling by rail. 

Introducing our new Live Trains feature, available on our website and app, passengers are able to find valuable travel information including real-time seat occupancy and the trains live position on a map.

Where can I find it?

You can easily find the Live Trains tool on the Hull Trains app by tapping the Live Times tab at the foot of the screen. Select your departure station, choose the Hull Trains service you are due to travel on and the seat occupancy details will appear. Download our app here if you don’t have it already.
Seat occupancy feature in Hull Trains app
If you are looking on our website, simply select your departure station from our Station Information page and click "Show Live Trains”. Or visit our Live Times page, search for your departure station, find your Hull Trains service and click "check". This will open an information box with all of the helpful details for that service.

What does it do?

Our Live Trains tool offers useful information for our services, helping you plan your journey ahead and travel with peace of mind. Here’s the top 5 features that you can take advantage of:

1. How busy is my train?

See how busy each carriage is in real time as the service travels through the stations on our route. Our passengers can view in advance which carriage has more available seats so there is no need to walk through the train. Instead, you can head straight to the carriage of your choice as it arrives at your station.
 Hull Trains seat occupancy live times

2. View services on a map

The map feature allows you to see the live position of a specific service as it is travelling on route. This is great if you are waiting to join the service at a station further down the Hull Trains route so you can keep up to date of its progress. You can also see places that are nearby stations which can be helpful if you are looking to grab a coffee or snack for your journey.
Hull Trains live trains on map

3. Carriage layout and facilities

The carriage layout feature tells you which carriages are for First and Standard class passengers. Additionally, you can view which facilities are available in each carriage, whether you’re travelling with a bicycle or you want to know where to find the toilet facilities. Please note if you do wish to travel with a bicycle, we kindly ask that you book in advance as space is limited. More information on this can be found here.
Hull Trains live trains carriage layout and facilities

4. Travel direction and platform information

The travel direction is a handy feature that lets you know where to expect your carriage to be located on the station platform. This is particularly useful if you are travelling with luggage so you can get onboard quickly. Similarly, the Live Trains tool alerts you of which platform to expect the service to arrive into. Please remember that platform details can change.
Hull Trains live trains direction and platform

5. Train route

There is also the functionality to view the route of the service in full, which notes any delays along the way, so you can keep up to date with the live status of the train throughout its journey.
Hull Trains live trains route

View the Live Trains tool on our Station Information pages at your preferred station when a service is running, or download the Hull Trains app and look under live times.

We are taking extra steps so you can travel with confidence. From reduced capacity on board and clear social distancing measures to enhanced cleaning during your journey with us, find out more about our safer travel pledge here
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