Hull Trains London pass the time on your railway journey

Rail journeys are a great opportunity to relax and catch up on those little things we don't normally have time for. Whether you're going to be on board for just a few minutes or for a few hours, there's plenty you can get up to on your way to your destination; here's just a few ideas on keeping yourself entertained.

Browse the web

We know you like to stay connected while you travel, and that's why we provide a free WiFi service on all of our trains so you can check your emails and browse the web without worrying about using up your data allowance.

To connect, just click the WiFi symbol on your device and select the Hull Trains network. The first time you do this, we'll ask you to fill in a quick registration form; then you can just enter your email address and password to get online again the next time you travel with us.

Catch up on a good book

Nowadays, many of us are guilty of letting our bookshelves grow dusty because we're too busy with our laptops, smartphones and tablets. If you'd prefer to go back to basics and leave technology alone for a while, take a good, old fashioned page-turner with you - our favourite is The Railway Children (no surprise there)!

Discover something new

Take the time to try something you haven't before - buy a magazine you've never read, see if you've got a talent for sudoku or even have a go at knitting! Or, if you're going online, try a site like, where you can enter the name of your favourite band, TV show, movie or book to get recommendations on other stuff you might like.

Play a game

Keep the kids entertained be making your rail journey into a big adventure. Play 'Train Bingo' by giving them a list of things to look out for through the window, or bring along a variety of travel-friendly card games with you. Remember, though, that Coach A is a quiet carriage, so it's best to book seats elsewhere so you won't have to worry about making noise.

Find out the latest with a little help from Hull Trains

If you're looking for inspiration on what to do when you arrive, try our Destination page, which gives you hints and tips on the very best things to see and do once you get off the train. You can also take a look at our blog, or pick up a copy of Looking Forward, our on board magazine, for more from us.

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