You can't beat a day out with friends, family, a loved one, or even on your own as a means of relaxing, clearing your head and switching off for a few hours. Whilst Hull Trains can take you direct to London, with its many attractions, museums, dining experiences and cultural hotspots, sometimes it's great to get away from all the hustle and bustle and fill your lungs with some fresh air. When this is the case, we highly recommend driving or walking around the Yorkshire Nature Triangle, especially the sandy peninsula of Spurn.

Led by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, the Yorkshire Nature Triangle brings together the very best in wildlife encounters and a warm Yorkshire welcome, from Scarborough to Hull and across the Humber and the Wolds.Just an hour's drive from Hull, Spurn is a much-loved landmark located at the 'end' of Yorkshire, arcing out into the mouth of the Humber to form a prominent landmark for passing ferries and migrating birds alike. October is peak season for bird migration, with a huge array of different species passing through and stopping off at Spurn, which is a glorious sight to behold, not to mention an amazing photo opportunity.

Below is a bit more info about this picture-perfect area that's so close to Hull, yet which offers a whole different world of wildlife, nature, tranquil retreats and picturesque settings.

Changing Landscapes

  • Spurn National Nature Reserve has been owned and cared for by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust since 1964.
  • Spurn fascinates geologists and geographers and its continuous movement west has been well documented over the centuries.
  • However, the tidal surge of December 2013 changed Spurn dramatically, with a 150-feet hole punched out of the sandbanks, taking the road with it and effectively leaving the Trust with a nature reserve split in two at high tide.
  • Cars can no longer travel down the Point, so those cycling or on foot can enjoy the newfound sense of solitude whilst traversing the beaches, the old route of the road, or the paths through the wildflower meadows.
  • Like so many other famous tidal locations, such as Lindisfarne, the daily creation of an island only adds to the sense of adventure for many visitors.

Spurn Lighthouse

  • Spurn Lighthouse, which has graced many local publications and tourism campaigns for East Yorkshire over the years, was built by Strattens of Edinburgh and completed in 1895. Its beam of light played a crucial role until 1985, when the lighthouse was retired.
  • Since then, many people have enjoyed climbing the lighthouse steps on the Trust's events - the view from the top stretches all the way to the Humber Bridge, along the coast and far out over the North Sea.
  • Now the listed lighthouse is being restored, with the black and white stripes brought back into pristine condition, and the interior sensitively transformed to tell Spurn's captivating story. The lighthouse is due to reopen in late 2015, when it will also host a permanent exhibition space and feature a changing programme of exhibits, including the longstanding Spurn Artist in Residence.

Spurn Safaris

  • The quirky Spurn Safaris, taking place aboard a giant 4x4 ex-military Unimog, are a firm favourite amongst visitors, giving people a unique perspective across the Humber and the various habitats.
  • Full commentary is provided on the two-hour long safaris, which take visitors all the way to the Point and back, and include short guided walks at locations along the way. Once the lighthouse is restored, it will be once again included as part of the trip.
  • Themed Safaris and Family Safaris are also run throughout the year.
  • Spurn Safaris cost £10 per person. Family Safaris cost £20 for 2 adults and up to 3 children. All can be booked via the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust website.

If you're on Facebook, you can keep up to date with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the Yorkshire Nature Triangle (expect breathtaking pictures of natural beauty on a regular basis).

Image credit: David Nichols





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