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How we are performing

At Hull Trains we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible rail service. Our commitment to our customers is our main priority.


Our priorities of your experience are summarised into three key areas:

  • My journey
  • My ticket
  • My future travel

My Journey


Train performance

The standard measure used throughout the rail industry in Great Britain is the Public Performance Measure (PPM). This is a combined measure of how many trains timetabled to operate have run throughout the entire route and calling points and how many have arrived at their final destination within ten minutes of their advertised time. The results of this measure are reported every four weeks. 


13 Period History 2017/18 P12 2017/18 P13 2018/19 P1 2018/19 P2 2018/19 P3 2018/19 P4 2018/19 P5 2018/19 P6 2018/19 P7 2018/19 P8 2018/19 P9 2018/19 P10 2018/19 P11
PPM 65.2% 65.8% 72.6% 68.2% 73.0% 74.0% 61.0% 80.9% 65.5% 66.4% 59.9% 70.0% 74.9%
PPM MAA 77.8% 76.2% 76.6% 74.2% 73.5% 72.6% 71.6% 72.1% 70.7% 70.1% 69.5% 69.6% 68.9%
CaSL 16.4% 17.8% 9.7% 13.0% 14.4% 6.2% 12.3% 4.1% 19.3% 15.6% 13.5% 10.4% 12.0%
CaSL MAA 6.6% 8.2% 8.5% 8.2% 9.9% 10.7% 10.6% 9.8% 11.8% 12.2% 11.6% 11.5% 12.5%

Information on Delays


You can check if your journey is delayed using our Live departures & Arrivals or check for any future planned timetable changes that may affect your travel. Network Rail also have a Delays explained section on their website where you can find out more about the common causes of delays - and what we're doing to reduce their frequency and impact.

Along with our industry colleagues we have conducted research about how you, our customers feel, when services are disrupted.  We are planning to use this to guide our strategy and processes over the coming months so we can improve the way we talk to you during disruption.  The national research is available here


Passenger Satisfaction


Our National Rail Passenger Survey overall satisfaction score was 87% for Spring 2018.




The number of complaints we received in 2017-18 on average 12 per 1000 customer journeys.

My Ticket



Ticket office opening hours


Information about stations that we call at, including ticket office opening hours and the facilities available, can be found in our Destination section.

Season tickets


A season ticket calculator is available on the National Rail website.


My future travel


Planned track improvement works


You can see how Network Rail's planned track improvement work may affect your journey in our Travel updates section.


Plan your journey
Departing Time
Departing Time

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