It’s not long until our brand-new, £60 million Paragon fleet arrives and is put into passenger service, replacing our Class 180’s. The highly anticipated arrival of these five hi-tech trains will be the start of a new beginning for Hull Trains. Built at Hitachi Rail’s manufacturing plant in Japan, the trains are transported to Italy where the interiors are then fitted. A great amount of preparation has been invested so that we can deliver an enhanced and comfortable service for all.

To prepare for their arrival, we have put together 10 features that you can expect on our new Paragon fleet!

More Space Hull Trains Paragon Fleet
1. MORE SPACE. We have been working closely with Hitachi to make our vision a reality which will make a real difference to our passengers’ journeys with a modern, spacious and improved interior. Our Paragon fleet will have larger carriages, each measuring 3m longer which helps to increase each trains’ capacity by over 20% adding another 60 seats per service. The higher capacity will not compromise on the legroom; in fact, this space will see an increase. More seats mean more cheap Advance tickets too! You can sign up for cheap ticket alerts for journeys outside of the 12 week booking window

2. BETTER STORAGE. Benefit from upgraded storage on board. From the extra floor space beneath seats and deeper overhead racks to safely store your luggage and belongings, to better designated bicycle storage on each of the trains. The overhead racks are made from clear, toughened glass, so you can keep an eye on your belongings throughout your trip. The racks are large enough to store a regular cabin sized bag. If you wish to bring your bike on board, please reserve a space in advance.

Connected commuting Hull Trains Paragon Fleet

3. CONNECTED COMMUTING. At-seat technology has seen an improvement on the new Paragon fleet. All seats benefit from 3-pin plug and USB sockets, located between the seats, so no need to lean over the person next to you to charge your device. Wi-fi remains complimentary, providing free and fast internet access for all. Whether you are preparing for meetings or keeping your children entertained, always stay connected on board our services. 

Greener travel Hull Trains Paragon Fleet

4. GREENER TRAVEL. We are always looking to make changes to the way we operate to benefit the environment and decrease our emissions. Our new Hitachi trains were built to operate using bi-mode technology, so we are able to run on electric power. The Paragon fleet can operate on electricity with the overhead electrical wires along with the option of using energy efficient diesel mode, dependant on electrification on route. The East Coast Mainline is electrified between London King’s Cross and Doncaster, with parts of the track also electrified to Selby. Where the track is not operated by electricity, you can benefit from a slick transition between electric and diesel mode.

A Smoother Ride Hull Trains Paragon Fleet
5. A SMOOTHER RIDE. Based on Japanese bullet train technology, you will notice a quieter journey and a smoother ride on board our services, especially as the train arrives and departs each station along our route. You will experience a much quicker acceleration and deceleration on your journey. The bi-mode technology on the Hitachi 802’s will allow them to seamlessly switch from electric to diesel throughout a journey when needed. 

Improved Accessibility Hull Trains Paragon Fleet

6. IMPROVED ACCESSIBILITY. Another advancement will see better accessibility on board our new fleet of trains. All five of the units will have designated spaces for 2 wheelchairs with full access to a disabled toilet, along with easily accessible priority seating. We have also introduced baby-changing facilities on board to increase the benefits for our passengers. Our toilet facilities will be much easier to use on board the new fleet, with 5 separate toilets on each train – two of which are large universal toilets and three are standard toilets. 

Never Go Hungry Hull Trains Paragon Fleet
7. NEVER GO HUNGRY. For the first time, we will be offering an at-seat service in standard and first class. A trolley service lets you enjoy a range of refreshments and light snacks without having to leave your seat and belongings, making for a stress-free journey. Let us bring the food and drink to you! Our First Class passengers can expect a greater choice and improved quality in our complimentary refreshments, and a dedicated on board host to ensure you start your day off refreshed, relaxed and ready to go. Our Customer Experience team are finalising the new menus as we speak.

Greater Comfort Hull Trains Paragon Fleet
8. GREATER COMFORT. Our new fleet is installed with ergonomically designed seats to fully support posture and provide extra comfort. First Class passengers can look forward to ultimate comfort with reclining seats and, even more legroom. We are also planning a new electronic reservations system so looking ahead there will be no more paper seat reservations and it will be easier than ever to locate vacant seats.

Richer History Hull Trains Paragon Fleet
9. RICHER HISTORY. Our five new trains will be named the Paragon fleet, signifying a central Hull landmark, the Hull Paragon Interchange. We feel that “Paragon” embodies Hull Trains and what we stand for, along with our people and our city. Defined as “a model of excellence”, this will represent exactly what our high-tech five trains will be when they arrive later this year. 

A New Beginning Hull Trains Paragon Fleet
10. A NEW BEGINNING. The arrival of the sleek, new Paragon fleet into passenger service will revolutionise travel between Hull and London. With 5 new trains in total, 1 more than our current fleet, it will allow for a more reliable and dependable journey for all, as only 3 trains are needed to operate our timetable. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, everyone will enjoy our upgraded and smarter services. A new beginning for Hull Trains, the Paragon fleet will re-launch the business and give back to our customers by providing a direct, stress-free and connected service for all.

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