The HST arrives in Hull ready to be introduced into Hull Trains' fleet

Travelling on our HST

We’ve recently introduced an extra train into our fleet to improve reliability ahead of the arrival of our new trains later this year. The HST is different to our other trains, so it’s important for customers to familiarise themselves with the different features on board. A leaflet will also be available on the train to update you with key changes.



Making the most of your journey on the HST

  • You’ll be able to access complimentary wi-fi on this service, however this will be through the Great Western portal rather than Hull Trains. Please select the ’GWR WiFi’ option and then follow the instructions to log in.
  • First-class carriages boast great legroom, additional tables and wi-fi. Complimentary food will also be available, served to your seat.
  • The café-bar will be in a different location on the train and may have a slightly different menu due to the equipment available on board – listen out for announcements from the on board team for more details.
  • Bicycle spaces are also available, but will only be stored at one end of the train. Please book these in as normal and ask station staff where to wait with your bike on the day of travel.
  • The seating plan on a HST is slightly different than our normal trains as there are not the same number of tables. We will make every effort to place your seat reservation as close to your seat number. To locate your reservation you will need to check the seat number on the HST against the seat reservation label.



Safety on the train

The HST is slightly different to our usual trains in that the doors are manually operated and open from the outside. The short video from our friends at ScotRail explains how to get on and off the train. If you’re unsure, please speak to a member of our on board team. You can also book assistance for this train should you need it here.

Please do not open the windows and/or put any part of your body outside of the train while it is moving.

Further emergency information will be available in the leaflets on the trains.




What services will the HST run on?

The HST will run on specified services throughout the week – these will be announced on our website and on social media.

Will the HST stop at all stations?

No, due to platform and infrastructure restrictions, the train will not stop at Cottingham, Beverley and Howden. In these cases, taxis or alternative transport will be provided from those stations to meet the train. Announcements regarding this will be made on our website and on social media.

What are the toilet facilities like?

There is a toilet in each carriage. The train is older, so the toilets discharge directly onto the track. Therefore, please do not flush the train toilets while at the station.

What will the catering offer be like on the train?

The catering offer will be slightly different to that on our other trains – this is due to the facilities on board this service. Please speak to the on-board team for the options available on the service.

How do I book a bicycle onto this service?

You can book a bicycle as normal – you can do this when you reserve your ticket. The bicycle spaces are in the guard’s van next to Coach A – please speak to a member of station staff to check where this will be when it arrives at the station.



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