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Normal service operating this week (Monday 19th - Friday 23rd February)

We will now have a fully operational fleet to take all customers to their travel destinations this week, following our announcement earlier this week that certain services would be cancelled.  

Last week we announced that services would be cancelled to give customers as much warning as possible and stated that refunds would be available or customers could travel on alternative Hull Trains services.

In the meantime, we have sourced a replacement train from another operator to enable us to run our normal timetabled service as planned.

Customers can travel as planned, or purchase tickets from us in the usual way, with the previously cancelled services now available for reservations. We wish to thank all our customers and colleagues for their patience, feedback and support. 

Any customers who have made alternative arrangements but wish to revert back to their original travel plans should contact our customer services team at customer.services@hulltrains.co.uk or 01482 488923 who will work with them to make sure their travel arrangements can be accommodated.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve amended my booking for this week to another train?

Apologies for the inconvenience this matter has caused, if you have purchased a new advance purchase ticket please contact our Customer Relations team on 01482 488923. If you have purchased a new Off Peak or Anytime ticket please visit your point of purchase for a refund.  If your point of purchase still requires that you pay an £10 admin fee, please contact our customer service team with details of your tickets and a full receipt.

I had an anytime or off-peak ticket with a seat reservation can I now use my original seat reservation on your Hull Trains service?

Yes, all previously booked seat reservation still stand and will be honoured.

Why has this happened in the first instance?

We currently have a fleet of 4 trains, of which we need 3 each day to run our services.  Back in early December, one of our trains suffered an engine fault which then damaged several parts of the train.  Whilst we have been working around the clock to get this train repaired, due to the damage done and work required, it won't be fully functional until late March.  

In the meantime our other 3 trains each need to be maintained at regular intervals.  Some of this maintenance means that they are not available for service which had led to us putting in an amended timetable.  Thankfully we have sourced an additional unit so the amended timetable is no longer required.  We took the original decision to announce an amended timetable following feedback from our customers previously that they wanted to be able to make alternative arrangements as soon as we knew this was an issue.  Thank you for your understanding and please contact us if you require any further assistance.

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