Cottons Rhum Shack

There are so many great areas to visit in London, each with their own unique offerings and charm. Camden, for instance, is perfect for those who are seeking a fun, fast-paced trip because it’s full of busy market stalls by day and lively pubs and clubs at night. We thought we’d focus in on what there is to do, see, eat and drink in the area, as well as find you a spot to sleep.

Something to do

Let’s face it, one of the main reasons to pay a visit to Camden Town is to browse the bustling markets and independent sellers. With an extensive range of stalls and street boutiques, you’re certain to find something that’s one-of-a-kind to remind you of your stay. Find everything from bespoke jewellery and handmade accessories to vintage fashion pieces and novelty gifts. Meanwhile, head over to the Stables Market where you’ll discover the wide selection of eccentric permanent shops; the fantastically decorated store fronts will leave you feeling inspired. 

Something to see

Renowned for its live music, Camden is the place to go to discover an upcoming band or artist. Head to historic clubs such as KOKO, Underworld or the Electric Ballroom for an electrifying night of dancing. Alternatively, sit back and relax to some softer tunes in the Blues Kitchen or Jazz Café.

Something to eat

A day out in Camden isn’t complete without sampling some of the delicious street food on offer. There are plenty of street vendors to choose from, selling cuisine from all around the world. Sample a freshly prepared crepe or sumptuous jerk chicken whilst wandering around the outdoor markets.

By night, diverse gastronomy continues with a whole host of eateries and bars. Head to Andy’s Greek Tavern for a taste of the Mediterranean, or sample the nation’s favourite dish at Poppie’s Fish and Chips. Experience French café culture in Côte Brasserie or the power of tapas at Made in Brazil.

Something to drink

As expected, Camden’s nightlife is thriving with all sorts of places to drink, from cocktail shacks to rough around the edges yet charming pubs. Dublin Castle is a favourite for music fans, as it was the second home to ska heroes Madness during the 1970s, whilst being a petri dish for indie artists a decade later. Experience the taste of Jamaica at Cottons Restaurant and Rhum Shack (pictured above). With over 250 types to choose from, fans of the tasty Caribbean spirit won’t be disappointed. 

Somewhere to stay

Aside from the Holiday Inn situated just a short walk away from the Lock, there is also Camden Lock Hotel, which offers a basic room with views over the market. If you want something a little more luxurious, book yourselves in at Gordon Ramsay’s York and Albany hotel, presenting gorgeously decorated and cosy rooms in the centre of Camden. On a budget? Try out one of the vibrant hostels that are located near the Lock, such as St Christopher’s Inn or Smart Camden Inn.


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Author: sobananapenguin