London in Focus: Soho

Long-established as the entertainment district of the capital, Soho is one of the most vibrant and exciting places to visit, especially if you have a passion for nightlife. Just a stone’s throw from the spellbinding spotlights of the West End, the area is filled with great places to eat, drink and catch live performances. 

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Haunted Hotels in London

It’s that time of the year when all things spooky appear, so we’ve done a bit of research and found out that quite a few hotels in the capital are in fact haunted. Here is a must-visit list for those who love all things paranormal, or alternatively, a must-avoid list for those who frighten easily!

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Strange and Spooky Spots in Hull

This time of year is perfect for uncovering spooky mysteries and discovering the strange past of a city. Hull is steeped in weird and wonderful history, flanked with dark corners and even darker secrets. If you wander around the city of three crowns this Halloween, you may get to meet some of its previous citizens.

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5 Things To Do in Hull this November

November 2016 brings to the city sounds of laughter, the rhythm of blues and the brain power of one of Britain’s most celebrated science boffins. So don’t let the dreary days drag you down, and definitely don’t put the Christmas tree up yet, because, as this month proves, it really is never dull in Hull.

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5 Things To Do in London this November

November days are known for being cold, drizzly and dull; however, as always, the capital adds some sparkle with vibrant celebrations, impressive firework displays and intriguing exhibitions. With Hull Trains regular services between Hull and London, it’s quick and easy to attend the spectacular and return to the comfort of your own bed.

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Jazzing up November with J-Night

Each summer and winter, J-Night puts on the Hull Jazz Festival to showcase high quality artists and support local talent at some of the best venues in the city. This year Hull Truck Theatre and The University of Hull's newly renovated Middleton Hall will see the likes of Phil Robson and Robert Glasper grace the stage, alongside some of the region’s most celebrated big bands.

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London in Focus: Westminster

Westminster has been associated with royalty and national leaders for centuries; however, there’s plenty to do for the ordinary folk too! From exploring royal gardens, to drinking cocktails with a view, and even tucking into a greasy English fry-up, we’ve rounded up the best places to see, eat and sleep in the area. With regular Hull Trains services from Hull to the capital, it’s hard to resist getting a taste for the power that’s held in this part of London.

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A Day of Discovery at Woolsthorpe Manor

2016 marks the 350th anniversary of Sir Isaac Newton’s Year of Wonders, and Woolsthorpe Manor, just over seven miles away from Grantham centre, is where the magic first occurred back in 1666. Woolsthorpe is the birthplace and family of the much-celebrated physicist and mathematician, as well as home to the exact spot where Newton developed many of his theories. 

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