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Trains from Retford to Selby

Trains from Retford to Selby

With a super-fast travel time of around 30 minutes and a range of daily services to choose from, our trains from Retford to Selby really are the only way to travel.

Each of our trains is packed with brilliant on-board facilities, including a fully stocked buffet bar where you can pick up a snack, drink or entire meal, and free WiFi so you can keep browsing without worrying about using up your data allowance.

So relax in one of our extra comfy seats as we whisk you from Retford to Selby, without any worries about traffic jams or parking problems.

For some hints and tips on what to see on your trip, try our Trains to Selby page, or find out more about the best of Retford on our Trains to Retford page.

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