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Spotted outside a London coffee shop…

It’s safe to say that the nation has been in a state of disbelief after the shock results of Brexit and the American presidential election. This London café had no hesitation in expressing how they felt after the latest results.

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QUIZ: What kind of commuter are you?

Train commuters come in all shapes and sizes. The question is, what kind are you? Take our quiz to find out, then share it with your friends to see if they’d make good travel companions.

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6 Fictional Trains You’ll Wish Were Real

There are some things that our trains can’t do, such as fly, talk, travel through time or help you become a wizard. We promise we’ll look into it, and in the meantime there are always these extra special trains that you could try to track down.

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Hull Trains Halloween Destinations

The spookiest event of the year is on the horizon. Halloween is a time for witches, goblins, spectres and things that go bump in the night, and what better place to celebrate it than in the capital city? 

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10 Uses For Old Train Tickets

What do you do with your old train tickets when the journey’s over? Straight in the bin perhaps?  Or maybe you’re the type who likes to get arty, like the ten creative folks featured here. 

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