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Free Wi-Fi on board Hull Trains

Convenient, secure, easy and FREE internet access as soon as you step on board...

Hull Trains has the UK's first, 4G-enabled Single Sign Up (SSU) Wi-Fi service on all services – and it’s free!

Passengers can now benefit from an enhanced Wi-Fi service and simplified connectivity.

Hull Trains has invested in an improved 4G-enabled Wi-Fi solution for its passengers, leading the way across the UK transport industry. The service is designed to improve the speed of its current on-board internet access and open up new opportunities for passengers to browse the internet, update friends and family, and shop online as they travel.

The 4G-enabled Single Sign Up service offers passengers a simpler connection process, faster speeds and an enhanced and stronger connection, as well as giving passengers free automatic access to over 22,000 hotspots provided by The Cloud, including at Hull Station.


  • Free Wi-Fi access for all passengers for the whole journey
  • Download or update your Hull Trains app - once registered, you'll be automatically connected each time you're within range
  • Access 4G enabled Wi-Fi
  • Over 22,000 Wi-Fi hotspots from The Cloud

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